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Ask a man in your life what gift they want for any occasion, and tell me if these responses sound familiar: ‘Nothing’, ‘I don’t know’, ‘Surprise me’.

While we can’t read a man’s mind, we can certainly surprise them, and not in the someone jumping out of a birthday cake kinda way. Cue: Manpers Gift Co.

We've taken a bunch of functional yet cool products, matched them with a carefully chosen combination of snacks & beverages, to create an exciting selection of gifts for a variety of individuals. 

Several years ago, our Creative Director scoured the internet looking for a gift for her partner at the time, but with his unique personality & the slim pickings out there for male-oriented gift boxes, she created a special one just for him. She desperately wanted to help other women solve their gifting struggles but didn’t know where to begin. That’s until two childhood friends reconnected, and with our Business Director’s ‘get it done’ attitude Manpers Gift Co was born.

We like to consider ourselves the go-to gift when you don’t know what to get him. Catering to the difficult to buy for fathers, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, best friends, colleagues, bosses, tinder dates, basically any male who would like a box of awesome stuff. Because we believe that the men in our lives deserve more on their special and not so special days.

Check out our wide range of gift boxes to suit every personality - from the gym junkie, to the hopeless romantic, we have the present for any occasion!

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